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10 December 2014
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seo-buttonYou may have heard the words “SEO” flung around in marketing meetings or in conversation with senior management. What is it about these 3 innocent letters that makes managers, CEOs, or work colleagues jump up and down screaming about why are we not ranking for “dancing giraffe” but our competitors are! And like me, you may have been accused of not pressing that big red Google button you keep on your desk that makes you rank for everything and anything in an instant.

So what does this all mean?
Let’s start off simple… SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It’s all about appearing first in the search results for the keywords you want to target. So how do you do this you may ask? Well, SEO is kind of like a baby. It requires lots of attention and constant changing.

Can you make my website rank?
I sure can! But in order to make it rank, you need to be clear on what your business objectives are. What are the keywords you want to target, what type of content is needed, and most importantly, what does the end user want to see?

Why did your site come up top from the keywords they put in? What are they expecting to read? If they really were looking for dancing giraffes, are you providing them with this information or have you casually just glossed over it? If you went into a shop and asked for a pair of blue jeans and got given a green pair, what would you do? You’d leave. It’s the same on websites. If you don’t serve your users the information they had expected to see, they will bounce straight off your site. And that’s no good to your overall SEO if people keep leaving.

penguin-seo-blogI keep hearing things about Penguins? Is this a John Lewis thing?
Yes, and no. Penguins in this case refers to the algorithm name that Google has created to tackle spammy links. There are lots of different algorithms that Google has developed in order to provide the end user with the results they want to see. You may have seen your SEO analyst pull their hair out at the latest penguin or panda update. Google likes to update their algorithms approximately every 6 weeks. Excellent.

Give me 1 great tip to take away
Think like a human. Google are perfecting their algorithms all the time to make their robots think and feel “like a real boy”. Write your content for purpose and make sure each page is tailored to one specific subject. Don’t write for search engines, write for people.

If you need more advice on how to improve your website rankings, download our Top 5 SEO Hints and Tips infographic, or talk to our in house SEO specialist Virginia Girtz on virginia.girtz@seriousideas.com / 01932 584920.

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