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International Student Mobility Research


Most believe that student migration is a good thing both economically and culturally but is it changing the identity of the UK’s Higher Education brand?

The movement of students between countries is now big business. Indicators suggest that the global market will continue to grow from 3.04 million in 2011 to 3.85 million in 2024, according to the British Council report ‘The Future of the World’s Mobile Students to 2024’.

This is particularly impressive considering the current fragile world economy, squeezed household incomes and a global decline in the number of people aged 18-22.

The sheer strength of our higher education offering means that the UK continues to be seen as an attractive place for people to study. The numbers are significant – both students and revenue. In fact international students represent the largest flow of ‘migrants’ entering the UK from outside the EU and are expected to grow by an estimated 126,000 over the next decade.


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