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24 November 2014
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Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezo said: ‘your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.’ This statement I believe in passionately, because I view myself as a brand – ‘Brand Lazo’.

So whenever I stare at a blank sheet of paper at the start of a new project, I feel compelled to prove myself, not only creatively but professionally, to keep ‘Brand Lazo’ and its values intact – both to colleagues and clients alike.

Instead of feeling a greater sense of pressure to deliver, I can honestly say that I relish the opportunity not only to originate creative solutions, but to be a part of the building process in creating stronger client relations, developing a greater understanding of their requirements which, in turn, leads to greater trust. It is the ‘trust’ element that ‘Brand Lazo’ hangs its hat on.

Yes, I want both colleagues and clients to say good things about me when I am not in the room.

Yes, I want to be liked.

Yes, I want to produce great work.

But it’s the trust element that results from these other elements coming together.

I believe my role as a Creative Director is about conveying trust, nurturing original thinking, installing confidence and building strong relationships both internally with colleagues, and externally with clients. But the trick is seeing both agency and client sides as one, and working with a greater understanding, unity and trust together.

In my 30 year career, I have been fortunate to work with some great creative mentors all of who tried to install this thinking, philosophy and mentality into my DNA. But most of all, they trusted me to make the right decision even if their own opinion may differ from mine.

At SERIOUS, we are all sub-brands of our brand, all bringing to the table unique and differing skill sets, but all sharing the same set of values.

So, after writing this, I will return to my blank sheet of paper striving to keep ‘Brand Lazo’ intact, and enjoying every minute (well almost every minute). It doesn’t get any easier, but it’s just as exciting. Trust me.

For more on brands, read our post on “The power of a brand” where we take look at how a company’s brand can be one of its most important assets. But when does the protection of a successful brand get in the way of innovation?

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