Creative cold turkey

3 December 2014
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Taking me at face value you’d probably never peg me as a creative person; I’m scruffy, but not in a calculated cool way, and I do my best to simply blend into a crowd rather than opting for the standard uniform of red trousers, outlandish facial hair and covering 93% of the surface area of my face with glasses. Despite my unassuming appearance, from a young age I have felt an overwhelming urge and need to continually create – that is to immerse myself in something requiring more than just logic and calculation (although they most certainly come in handy).

In the periods of my life when I’ve settled into office jobs, every spare second of my time has been spent either working as a freelance designer or making music, striving to better the skills to back up and realise my creative impulses. Ditching a safe career to re-focus attention on my first love, graphic design, may have seemed quite a risky decision. Although the change likely led to many sleepless nights for my family, it felt vital and natural to me.

Therefore, despite ploughing so much time, effort, money and love into my creative pursuits, my technical approach to both music and then design meant that I never used to consider myself ‘a creative’ (apologies, English language). That is, I didn’t until I hit especially hectic times in my life and had no time to exercise my right brain – this creative cold turkey hit me extremely hard and forced me to assess my priorities.

The withdrawal from creative pursuits resulted in a life-changing chain reaction whereby I left a steady job, went back to university, moved to Thailand and returned to the UK with many years of freelance design work behind me to finally join the creative team at SERIOUS. Although it sounds chaotic, I wouldn’t change any of it as I now get to be creative each and every day- and even get paid for doing it.

Over the years of re-jigging my life I’ve worked on a brilliant variety of work; branding, advertising, editorial design, designing and building websites, product design, 3D modelling and animation, illustration… so no more cold turkey for me. You can see some of my most recent work for one of our clients here:

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