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30 March 2015
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The other morning I arrived at work, pre-dawn as usual, with the intention of finalising some layouts and dealing with admin to get a kick start on my busy day ahead. After ten minutes of moving around a few text boxes and not really getting anywhere, I felt in need of some inspiration, so decided to grab a coffee and spend an hour observing the design world around me. It’s in these moments that I seek out creative work that for whatever reason I can add to my ‘I wish I’d done that’ list of creativity that I refer to in the rare occasions where the ‘big idea’ eludes me.

I’ve been watching a lot of brand videos lately and on a personal level I’ve developed a liking for the Director Antony Crook’s work – so imagine how excited I became on discovering his latest film featuring ‘A day in the life of tattoo artist, Dr Woo’ on the Mr Porter website. Dr Woo applies his craft at West Hollywood’s legendary Shamrock Tattoo Parlour, where his unique style and attention to detail has made him one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in the world.

Antony Crook’s effortless approach to telling a beautifully crafted story, with a simple narrative that doesn’t try too hard, is just so refreshing to experience. A sexy sound track adds to the sultry atmosphere of his films, which capture moments crafted with love and affection by a director who savors the opportunity to tell a story with a unique style and simplicity. Crook provides poignant insight into the life of the film’s star – Brian Woo. It’s the moments between the dialogue that also convey so much, they allow you to pause, to savor, and to digest the frames you have just witnessed. The weight of the spoken word, its delivery, timing and seamless fluidity with the composed imagery, results in a beautifully accomplished and oh so cool insight into a typical Saturday in the life of Dr Woo. It even made me want to get a tattoo!

After viewing this film countless times (even tracking down the soundtrack on iTunes) and having observed a number of Antony Crook’s portfolio of films before, I came to realise that from a creative point of view the videos feature creative artists who do what they do on their terms. The individuals effortlessly apply their trade to a clientele who trust them to deliver the goods. The personality behind the creativity being delivered is as important as the creativity itself.

In other words people buy people, and they buy into a vision and sense of style that enables them to project an image of who, or what, they want to be. You may not have £2,000 to buy a designer jacket that features in the film, but you may be able to afford £300 for a small tattoo done by one the best artists in the business that is associated with the lifestyle portrayed in the film- a Dr Woo tattoo.

This got me thinking…

At SERIOUS we already work closely with our clients, but could we develop even stronger relationships if our clients knew more about us as professionals, even individuals? If they had an insight into what inspires us, what drives us to do better, how we generate creative thinking, or what we believe makes us different from the rest – could the work we produce benefit from this deeper understanding?

It is this sense of individuality that I want to explore at SERIOUS over the coming months through a series of short films that strive to capture our individuality, our personality, our way of doing things.

Watch this space for the first instalment.

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