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29 July 2014
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Facebook. What does the word mean to you? Friends and family? Photos of people’s dinner? Witnessing another painful inspirational quote?

Try opportunity, growth. Through Facebook advertising, Facebook provides you with the opportunity to really push your brand and reach out to your desired and even existing audience. Want to learn more? Well, it’s rude not to.

Facebook ads provide an inexpensive way of targeted advertising. One reason why it is initially so successful? You automatically advertise on one of the world’s most popular websites; 2nd to be precise according to Alexa traffic rank 2014. (To answer the question currently pondering in your mind, Google is number one).

Other benefits include not having to pump in lots of money to gain results, ability to target geographically, and to see and monitor the results as they develop. The more ads you run in time, the more you will be aware of the budget you require.

As the majority of people on social media channels are there to browse, it is important not to come across as you are selling in your ads, be subtle and tactful so they are received well. Remember, if people wanted to be sold something, they would be on Amazon or eBay. The success behind your ads can be due to directing them to a website to learn more information or to encourage signing up for a newsletter. TIP: As no more than 20% of your ad’s image can be text/slogan/logo, use your wording carefully, and image relatively.

If you’re wanting to get really jazzy, you can target those people who have already visited your website. This is called re-marketing and can be achieved through tracking those who have been on your website by placing a pixel on it, Facebook then builds an audience out of those people which then allows you to target that particular group. The benefits of re-marketing is that it is a warmer lead as you know these people have already visited your website so are more likely to take action. Let me see those jazz hands!

If you want to take the leap and advertise on Facebook OR take the next step and re-market, give us a shout, just don’t shout too loud, we do work with animals you know!

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