How fit is your brand?

4 March 2015
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How Fit Is Your Brand?

So I’m very excited, as this week I get to write about the social media god that is Joe Wicks, he’s one of my favourite people to follow on Instagram and you probably know him as ‘The Body Coach.’ I want to look at the brand that he’s managed to create through social media, and why Instagram is becoming such an important tool for businesses… I do work in marketing after all.

So who is The Body Coach?

The-Body-CoachJoe is an online nutrition coach who has transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world through the 90-Day SSS Plan that he’s created. Through Instagram he has been able to use ‘Leanin15’ as a way of inspiring people to take control of their diet with quick, fun and easy cooking, as well as showcasing the food in his meal plans that you then pay for.

He’s part of a new wave of personal trainers and nutritionists who are changing the way we train and eat. Social media has opened up a whole new platform for people to interact and forms the basis of many new businesses, such as the Body Coach’s. By posting workout videos and recipes online, Joe has not only made getting fit pretty cool, but he’s also shown how social media means you now don’t need to be loaded to have your own PT and tailor-made meal plan.

The power of social media

The huge following that the Body Coach now enjoys actually began on Twitter, and Joe revealed in a recent interview that it was only when his followers started slowing down on Twitter that he considered using Instagram.

The latest user numbers released at the end of last year suggested that Instagram has surpassed Twitter, with 300 million members to Twitter’s 284 million. The Body Coach alone gains over 1,000 extra followers each week, and importantly the biggest brands receive almost 50 times more engagement on Instagram than Twitter. It’s clear that Instagram is a growing platform for businesses to build their brand, and it is also only going to become more central to advertising in the coming years.

Why is he unique?

There are a lot of good brands out there encouraging people to lose weight and make a positive change on their health – for example ‘Change for Life’ or ‘Weight Watchers’, but for me what Joe has done is different.

The Body Coach with his personable and cheeky approach has made making a positive lifestyle change trendy, accessible, and more importantly, fun. Joe caught my attention on Instagram with his hilarious 15-second videos of lean meals and gimmicky videos mocking fast-food joints. Add in the before and after shots of the numerous testimonials he has received from clients and I was hooked… Did I mention that he’s also pretty hot?

Finally a quote from the man himself…

‘If it wasn’t for social media, I’d have probably stayed put and been a PT in Surbiton. With Instagram I’m cooking it, I’m eating it, I’m sharing it. It’s instant.’

For some tips on how your business could use instagram, visit Social Media Examiner

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