The Power of Blogging

16 October 2014
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Power of Blogging

A blog about Richard Branson’s blog

As founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson has not only helped to shape the business world in the last 44 years, but is also one of the most influential businessmen of the twentieth century.

You may not be that surprised by the fact such an influential figure writes his own blog, or that he regularly has his posts shared 6,000 times or more. What is surprising though, is the fact his blog is the main feature on Virgin’s website. It is therefore the first thing that Virgin has decided it wants it’s potential customers to interact with.

The success of Richard’s blog may be down to the fact it gives an insight into both his personal and business life. Whilst providing opinion pieces on everything from drugs to politics, Richard’s blog is a major part of Virgin’s website as it provides commentary on everything the company does, from its (non-existent) holiday policy to its charity work.

The power of blogging is therefore not just in its ability to direct people to a particular company’s website, but in its ability to give a company personality and get its message and principles out there in an interesting way.

Richard Branson’s blog can be found here: www.virgin.com/richard-branson

We created an infographic to show some stats on blogging and just how powerful it can be!

Power of Blogging infographic

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