Is social media the way forward for advertising?

14 October 2014
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Has social media encouraged companies to improve the advertising they produce towards their consumers?

Social media offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to access a potentially unlimited number of consumers. What is truly unique about advertising on social media though is the potential for consumers to actively engage with a brand or product.

Never before have users been able to ‘retweet’ or ‘share’ an advert that they thought was interesting. Consumers can now comment on an advert they disagree with, or share an advert they think their friends may find interesting. The vast numbers of individuals on social media will not only encourage firms to look towards this form of advertising, but hopefully also encourage greater creativity in advertising.

It is clear that social media has an important role to play in the future of advertising, and I would go as far as saying that it will be the dominant form of advertising very soon.

We created an infographic to display the power of social media and how effective it can be in the advertising world:

SERIOUS Social Media Graphic

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