To blog or not to blog?

11 November 2014
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I was asked to write a blog and this got me thinking? What would it achieve? Would people really be interested in what I was saying? Is the future in blogging? Am I missing a trick, as I confess this is my first blog and I’m not quite sure it’s for me…

So why do people blog? person-blogging

Some blog so that they can fulfill their inner creative allowing them to express their thoughts and opinions.
I’m not quite sure this would be a strong enough reason for me as I’m more a failed artist than a writer.

Others blog to promote an idea, goods or a service.
The marketer in me can see how this can work but I worry about the time and commitment that would be required. Would the solution be to maybe write a blog with others, which would allow a regular post with relevant interesting content, that would engage with people and promote our products? Definitely something to think about…

To provide help and advice to others in a similar situation.
I understand from personal experience the impact that sharing experiences can have on people. Whilst I haven’t blogged I have through the power of Google read many blogs; it is way of really connecting with people and start building a relationship, which can go from strength to strength. And as I say often, marketing is all about relationships…

Enable you to build yourself as an authority within a field.
Demonstrating that you know your stuff and have an opinion will help you stand out from competitors. Being trusted and respected in your field is key to people wanting to do business with you.

To connect with people within your field.
They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer (in this case your competitors). Being connected will help you keep on top of the latest trends, opinions and challenges in the market allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive.

So, I now can see that there are really good reasons for blogging and I’ve enjoyed this blog more than I thought I would. In all honesty I’m not sure I will have my own but will definitely consider blogs as part of social media activity moving forward.

Are blogs for you? Could they help as part of your social media activity?

For more about blogs, read our post on “The power of blogging” which takes a deeper look at blog stats and some influential people who use blogging to help promote their business

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