Why work in an agency?

12 December 2014
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Agency life is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or you don’t. What I love about being on agency side is the fast pace, ever changing workloads and the fact that two days are never the same. I’m not the type of person that likes doing the same thing day in day out, I want to challenge myself and agency life does all that wrapped in 9 – 5:30… or there about. But on the other side, some may argue that working in-house allows you to fully understand the brand inside out, and allows you to take time to strategically develop that brand (as well as leaving on time everyday).

For me, the best part of the job is working with clients and getting to build up close working relationships – it’s almost like our clients are an extension of our own team. Whether I’m helping the client develop their brand or assisting on projects to get the result the client wants, all the hard work and stress pays off in the end when I know it’s been a successful campaign.

However, there are of course a few challenging things to the agency life, the main being how long everything can take to get final approval. It’s not like in-house where generally it’s just the Marketing Manager and possibly one other who will approve the work and swiftly move on to the next. In an agency it’s a bit different, we like to ensure everything is double or even triple checked before going out. That is definitely a good thing for our clients but when the deadline is tight it can make things a bit more challenging.

It’s the challenging projects that really bring the team together though, with everyone playing to their strengths and keeping each other motivated to make the outcome of every project awesome. The agency culture at SERIOUS is close knit, everyone works alongside each other really well, yet manage to have fun at the same time. The team is definitely one of our biggest assets, as clients often buy into the people that we have working here.

At the end of the day, agency life is really dependent on your personality and working style. Although getting experience on both sides will help you to understand the challenges and strengths of both, it is ultimately down to how you work and whether you mix with the team around you.

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